This page is designed for those wishing to get some NSL pictures, videos,  books, sound recordings, etc. Many pictures on this site are from these sources. Please do not use the files for anything other than personal viewing or use.

Please consider purchasing their work, and please tell them the NSL web site sent you! Thank you.

Wonder where some of the Harold Mason pictures went to? They're here!

Highland Park Historical Society
PO Box 56
Highland Park, IL 60035
web site-
Xerox copies- $1
Scanned copies- $5
Photographic quality- $10
They have 150 picsutes of the North Shore Line.Topics include but not limited to Stations, construction, RR crossings, and Highwood area pictues.

Wilmette Historical Society
Some pictures of the Wilmette stations and stops are from the Wilmette Historical Museum. I would like to thank them for their permission to use the pictures on the site. Please consider supporting their cause.
VILLAGE OF WILMETTE  (follow link to the HISTORY section).

MD McCarter Photographs
P.O. Box 1569
Camp Verde, AZ 86322-1569
web site-
e-mail address is-
He offers many different RR pictures. He has over 320 pictures from the NSL alone. Contact him for his listings. 5x7- $3.50, 8x10-$6, 11x14, 16x20   Excellent source.

Tapes are 30 minutes long and are $9.95 plus shipping. He has 2 different NSL tapes. Seth Steventon  W11078 Liberty Ln  Kennan WI 54537.

Joseph M. Canfield
129 KyFields
Weaverville, NC 28787-9469
He has 352 slides of the NSL. Singles, as well as an entire set can be purchased. Wide variety.

Harold A Smith
BOX 863510
Ridgewood, NY 11386
Has NSL prints.

The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Transit Historical Society
c/o Larry Sakar
7719 S. Scepter Dr   #6
Franklin, WI 53132
web site-
Regular membership- $17, Associate $12, Family $22.50. This non-profit organization produces their own quarterly newsletter. Also provides updates to local traction events. They meet every 3rd Saturday in south Milwaukee.

The Shore Line Historical Society-


East Troy Railway Museum-

Illinois Railway Museum-

Fox River Trolley Museum-

The North Shore Line- Pentrex Videos
PO Box 94911  Pasadena, CA  91109
~$75. This is a 90 minute color and full sound track video.

North Shore Line- Keevvil and Krambles
black and white, sound

North Shore 1945- Interurban Videos (I have been told they have been sold to Pentrex and are no longer in business).
PO Box 6444 Glendale, CA 91225-0444
24 minute black and white, fully narrated video.

North Shore Line- Sunday River Productions
PO Box 565
Concord, MA 01742
~$20 . This is a 50 minute video.

The North Shore Line in Winter- Mark 1 Video
PO Box 404
New Milford, NJ, 07646

There's about 4 more out now too!!!

You can also buy from East Troy Museum is probably the best source for NSL videos.  Support them and check out their web site.

There are 5 books that deal exclusively with the North Shore Line. There are many other books that discuss the North Shore Line in limited amounts.

Of course these 5 books are out of print <-- read expensive.

Days of the North Shore Line and Memories of the North Shore by George V Campbell

North Shore Line- America's Fastest Interurban by William D Middleton

Interurban to Milwaukee CERA Bulletin 106, and Route of the Electroliners CERA Bulletin 107 by the Central Electric Railfans Association.

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