We met Russ Porter at East Troy Museum's Trolley Fest May 19-20, 2001.

TRAINFEST November 1999 at State Fair Park WI.

Letter to New Sun Editor on Oct 2/3 1999. (click here for link)

Ramada Inn Waukegan IL

Above- total of 72 people, including 38 employees, were in attendance. I believe that is 16 more people than in 1998.

Below- John Horachek (conductor) with Betty (secretary to Dwight Smith) and Ed Oleson (auditor).

Frank Beschak (shop foreman) seeing Ron Schroeder (freight, batteryman) again.

NSL women! I still have to get conformation of a few manes on this pic.

The North Shore Line Reunion Dinner September 20, 1998

The top picture is of Betty and Ed Oleson (secretary to Dwight Smith and NSL auditor) discussing Mr Campbell's book with him.

The middle picture is of Mr Campbell and Millie Abegg (NSL ticket agent).

The bottom picture is of my boyfriend, Mr Campbell and myself.

The picture on the left is of Millie Abegg and Matti- both NSL employees. The sign on the right announces the NSL Reunion Dinner.

JJ, Eric and his brother look over a few NSL items brought to the Dinner for show-n-tell.


This is the front page of section C of the News Sun on May 5th 1998. Those are my beady eyes, but lucky for you my scanner doesn't scan any larger or you'd see more! Yikes!

This is the bottom half of the page you see above. Very flattering. There is a second part that finishes up the text part of the interview. If you are interested I can send a better scan via email or a snail mail copy. Let me know!

Also made the May/June copy of the Illinois Railway Rail and Wire. Similar article as above. Thanks Dale!

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Teach the kids!! Click here for pics of Abbott Middle School talk.

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