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Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee R.R.

(North Shore Line)

Room 1325, 79 West Monroe Street,

Chicago, Illinois                                                                          Telephone Randolph 8200

                                                                                                   Local 234

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                                                                E L E C T R O L I N E R S !

          ELECTROLINERS are the first all-electric articulated trains of their kind ever to be built. They are especially designed to meet the peculiar needs of a heavy traffic that moves every day between metropolitan areas of Chicago and Milwaukee.

         ELECTROLINERS are scheduled to make five trips each way- every day- via the North Shore Line's high- speed Skokie Valley Route between Chicago's Loop and downtown Milwaukee.

          Most of them will stop at Waukegan (Edison Court), Kenosha and Racine; two trains on Sundays will operate non-stop between Milwaukee and Chicago's city limits at Howard Street; two trains- one in each direction- will stop at Zion.

          All ELECTROLINERS will make regular North Shore Line station stops in Chicago, including Belmont Avenue, Wilson Avenue and Howard Street.

          Direct connections at North Chicago Junction and Howard Street, Chicago, will make ELECTROLINER service available at all North Shore Suburban communities from Evanston to Lake Forest and Great Lakes.

          ELECTROLINERS are 4-unit articulated trains 155 ft. 4 in. long. The 4 units are mounted on 5 trucks, each unit being articulated, or joined, to the adjacent unit on truck center plates. This is a departure from the conventional practice of putting trucks at each end of a car and then joining the cars together with standard couplings. It adds

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materially to riding comfort and reduces the weight of the trains.

          The 2 end-units of each ELECTROLINER are luxury coaches divided into two compartments by passageways which provide entrance and exit to the trains. These end- units seat 30 passengers in each of the coach sections and 10 passengers in the smoking compartments. A modern rest room is located in each of the smaller compartments.

         One of the center- units in each train is an all- coach compartment seating 40 passengers. The remaining center- unit is a tavern lounge with a seating capacity of 26 passengers.

         Each ELECTROLINER weights approximately 200,000 pounds, or the equivalent of about two of the regular steel passenger cars operated by the railroad.

         ELECTROLINERS are constructed of high tensile stools, electrically welded, giving a smooth rounded exterior completely free of protruding bolts or rivet heads- reducing air resistance as well as adding to their general appearance.

         Articulated body end- sills are steel castings with the center bearings and side bearings cast integral. Center bearings are of the ball- and- socket type wherein the spherical shaped center bearing of one unit rests in a socket attached to the adjacent unit and that, in turn, bears on the main center bearing attached to the truck bolster. Car side bearings rest on rollers attached to the truck bolster and thus provide minimum resistance to truck movements at track curves.

          Trucks are of the cast- steel frame type with double equalizer bars and have a wheel base of seven feet two inches. Large diameter coil springs with parallel shock absorbers prevent transmission of

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of vibrations to car bodies. Conventional type elliptic springs at the truck bolster are eliminated.

        Axles are standard 5" x 9" journal size and are fitted with rolled bearing journals. Wheels are 31- inches in diameter with standard North Shore Line non-sway cylindrical treads.

         Brakes are of the clasp type with brake cylinders mounted on sides of the trucks. Each cylinder operates brakes on two wheels on adjacent side of the truck and is fitted with its own automatic slack adjuster.

         Brake equipment consists of pneumatically operated air braking system upon which is superimposed an electrical operation. It is so arranged that the electric operation predominates with the pneumatic operations available at all times in case of failure of the electric operation.

          Brake valves are of the self- lapping type when electric operation is used and give any desired rotation according to the position of the brake valve handle. Change of the pneumatic pressure on electric control valve on the operating car closes or opens electric circuits which extend throughout the train and give instantaneous brake operation to all parts of the train.

          Compressed air for brake operation is furnished by two air compressors, one of which is located under each end- unit.

          Each ELECTROLINER is equipped with 8 motors of 125 H.P. each- a total of 1000 H.P. per train.

          Two motors are mounted in each of the first two trucks at each end of the train.

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          Drive between motors and axles is a departure from pervious practice, in that the motor is rigidly attached to the truck frame and drives the axel through a flexible connection and a W-N gear unit.

         These gear units are oil tight. Smaller gears are mounted in roller bearings and the complete housings are carried on roller bearings at the axel ends. This construction together with the roller and ball bearings used on the motor armature shaft produces an extremely quite drive.

More to come.