The distinctive house with the porch on the rear is still there. The house behind and to the left of the nearest power pole is also still there. The photographer was looking Northeast when he took this photograph. In order to identify this crossing location today takes a good memory since it no longer exists.

Holdridge's Crossing was on Holdridge Road (today known as York House Road). In the 1950's, Yorkhouse Road was straightened to go straight East & West across the NSL (maybe as a result of the 1946 accident). Prior to that Holdridge made a hairpin turn to the South, paralleling the NSL, for about 1/2 to 3/4 of a block, crossing the tracks and then returning North on East End Avenue before proceeding West on Holdridge Road (York House Road). The photograph shows the  East half of the hairpin turn with the house in the foreground on the South side of York House Road and the house in the distance behind the power pole being on the North side of York House Road.

As a young boy I crossed this crossing many times and saw the aftermath of of the 1946 accident.

Thanks Jerry! Wonderful ID!

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